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              Cruise Ship Supply

              Home Services Cruise Ship Supply

              Cruise Ship Supply
              Our Cruise Ship Supply Division is experienced and specialised in providing the best supply and logistics solutions at all cruise terminals in China.

              Our Partners

              FOOD & BEVERAGE
              At Golden Harvest, we understand that on board restaurants and bars are a major part of the cruise experience. Our aim is to deliver supplies of the highest quality, providing your Chefs with the freshest produce to help them achieve culinary excellence and the high satisfaction levels of your guests. All food categories are available:

              FRESH PRODUCE
              MEAT & POULTRY

              DAIRY & EGGS
              BEVERAGES & SPIRITS

              Quality, Fresh and Safe
              Our Food and Beverage warehouse has been specifically designed in accordance to ISO 22000 and HACCP providing an unbroken cold chain from the moment the produce enters our warehouse till delivery on board the vessel. Temperatures and conditions of our storage and transit facilities are carefully monitored by fully trained staff.

              ● ISO 22000 (HACCP)
              ● Supply Chain Management and Strict Vendor Auditing
              ● State of the art Facilities (Total: 1500m2, Refrigeration 294m2, Freezer 188m2, Dry Storage 400m2)
              ● GPS Tracked Reefer Trucks

              Hotel Consumables
              We supply all restaurants and hotel consumables to the cruise industry. From kitchen utensils, restaurant cutlery to Tissue Paper products and Bed Linens. Our experience ensures we understand the quality requirements of Cruise Liners; however we can also cater to the specific needs of each customer, sourcing on your behalf.

              ● Tissue Paper Products
              ● Bed Sheets & Linens
              ● Towels and Slippers
              ● Disposable Bags
              ● Disposable Food containers & Cups (Paper, Foil and Plastic)
              ● Kitchen Utensils
              ● Plates, Bowls and Cutlery

              Technical and Logistics
              Full range of spare parts, tools, marine stores are available (please see our General Ship supply Spare parts for more information.

              For your logistical needs:
              ● Transportation
              ● Warehousing and Consolidation
              ● Stock Management
              ● Documentation Handling (Custom, Quarantine and Immigration)
              ● Delivery Alongside

              For all enquires: cruise.supply@cn-goldenharvest.com

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