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              Global Supply Service

              Home Services Global Supply Service

              Global Supply Service:

              Through its overseas branch offices and corporation partners around the world, Golden Harvest provides its customers with the most reliable and cost effective global ship supply service

              Covering hundreds of ports in over 40 countries, Golden Harvest has a strong network of experienced contracted suppliers and service partners providing physical supplies, warehousing, customs clearance and last mile delivery at all major ports globally.

              Bussine Scope:

              ?Marine Stores & Equipment ?Provisions ?Spare Parts ?Export

              ?Logistics ?Warehousing ?Custom Clearance ?Last Mile Delivery

              ?Safety/Fire Inspection & Service ?Lifeboats Inspection & Service

              ?Port & Voyage Repair


              ?Same payment terms around the world

              ?Cost Effective

              ?Reliable and Efficient

              ?Good Communication

              ?Quick Response for urgent requests

              ?Large network of supply partners in all key ports

              ?24/7 Service support

              ?International purchasing power

              ?Systems in place for quality control

              ?Strong knowledge and experience of foreign markets

              ?International Presence

              For all enquires: overseas@cn-goldenharvest.com

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