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              Home Offices Australia

              Golden Harvest Australia Pty Ltd

              Established in 2011 in Melbourne, Australia. Located 15 km away from Port Melbourne and 35 Km away from Port Geelong. Golden Harvest Australia provides full general ship supply assistance to your vessels, our quick response ensures all last minute requests are met.

              The team is also experienced and specialised in the supply of food and beverage to cruise liners, serving one of Australia’s busiest cruise terminals ‘Station pier’ each season. We guarantee that only the freshest produce is delivered to your ships.


              ? Technical Stores
              ? Provisions
              ? Spare Parts
              ? Ship repairs
              ? Custom clearance
              ? Cash to master

              Our service ports include:


              PIC: Mr. Jack Ge
              Phone: +613 8360 3984
              Fax: +613 8360 3985
              Email: australia@cn-goldenharvest.com
              Address: Factory 10,No.86 Pipe Road,Laverton North,Vic 3026

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