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              Shanghai (Headquarter)

              Golden Harvest Shipping Service Co., Ltd.
              Phone: +86 21 65318899
              Fax: +86 21 65842994
              Email: supply@cn-goldenharvest.com
              Address: No. 1405 Yixian Road, Baoshan District,
              200439 Shanghai, China


              Phone: +86 20 82276403
              Fax: +86 20 82294545
              Email: guangzhou@cn-goldenharvest.com
              Address: No. 38, Nangangzhong Road, Huangpu District,
              510760 Guangzhou, China


              Phone: +86 15966855321
              Fax: +86 532 89601092
              Email: qingdao@cn-goldenharvest.com
              Address: No. 709 West Huanghe Road, Economic

              Development District, 266515 Qingdao, China


              Phone: +86 22 25795436
              Fax: +86 22 25795402
              Email: tianjin@cn-goldenharvest.com
              No. 999 Shiyou Road, Tanggu Bo Hai,

              Binhai New District, 300452 Tianjin, China

              In February 2009, we opened our first overseas office in Dubai, U.A.E with an experienced and multinational team, complete store and provision facilities that is fully stocked with a wide range of items.

              Committed to providing an efficient and reliable service, Golden Harvest Middle East Trading LLC is your reliable partner for general ship supply solutions in the region.

              Our service ports included:

              Established in 2011 in Melbourne, Australia. Located 15 km away from Port Melbourne and 35 Km away from Port Geelong. We are able to assist your vessel for any urgent or general delivery services.

              Our service ports included:

              Based in Osaka, Golden Harvest Japan was set up in 2015 to better serve the needs of our loyal Japanese Customers, providing more effective communication and real-time support allowing ship owners and managers to always be up to date on the progress of their deliveries.

              Our service Dockyards included:

              As one the leading shipping nations in the world,Golden Harvest have successfully built up Long-term cooperation's with many Greek shipping companies.Our Piraeus office is operated by a highly experienced and knowledgeable team, allowing our valued customers to benefit from improved sales support and more efficient communication.

              Sales office & Customer center:

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