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              NEWS: Golden Harvest Zhoushan Office was established

              We are delighted to announce the official opening of our New Branch Office. Golden Harvest Zhoushan will provide full ship supply and on-site support during New Building and Dry-dock projects at all major shipyards in the area, whilst also serving Zhoushan port. Fully stocked warehouse and an experienced team will ensure our customers receive quickest response, shortest lead teams and most cost effective solutions.

              Our branch office is on Located on the main island of Zhoushan, with a warehouse space of 650sqm, it provides easy and quick access to the yards located on the nearby islands, for quickest delivery of stock items. Freezer and Refrigeration rooms in line with ISO22000 (HACCP) Food Safety management systems, ensures Golden Harvest’s high provision standards are extended to the region.

              For all assistance, please feel free to contact us now at: zhoushan@cn-goldenharvest.com

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