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              • 22.01.06
                Golden Harvest - President Mr. Chen Li Zhi attending The annual "Li zhi " scholarship at Shanghai Maritime University on December 31st, 2021.
              • 20.11.17
                We are delighted to announce the official opening of New Branch Office. Golden Harvest Zhoushan will provide full ship supply and on-site support during New Building and Dry-dock projects at all major shipyards in the area
              • 20.01.29
                Golden Harvest have also implemented precautionary measures to protect its staff and its customers.
              • 20.01.17
                Golden Harvest held its annual party at the GDH Hotel on the 10th of January. Attended by all its staff and special guests from the industry, it was an opportunity to celebrate and thank the team for their hard work and contributions towards Golden Harvest’s achievements in 2019.
              • 20.01.06
                The 17th Annual Lizhi Scholarship award ceremony was held at Shanghai Maritime University, Mr. Tom Chen, president of Golden Harvest and founder of the scholarship was delighted to return to the school to present the awards.
              • 19.12.11
                The 20th China Marintec Exhibition from December 3 to December 6, 2019 had been very successful. As the world's most important exhibition event in the maritime industry in 2019
              • 19.11.11
                Our president, Mr. Tom Chen participates in the discussion panel at the 64th Annual convention of the International Ship Suppliers & Services Association, providing views on “Trade Wars and its impact on the Shipping Industry.
              • 19.11.11
                Celebrating its 6th year in Singapore, the 2 day event held at the Suntec Convention Center
              • 19.09.20
                A big thank you to all friends new and old for visiting us at this year’s IMPA London, it was a busy but fun couple of days catching up and discussing the developments and changes in the maritime supply industry, offering purchasers a chance to learn more about the solutions which Golden Harvest can provide.
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